Our Programs

  • Infant Program

    We are fully aware of the difficulty in leaving your infant for the first time and our goal is to provide you with peace of mind throughout your day. We believe the primary needs of an infant are to feel warm, secure, and loved. Our infant teachers are chosen because they love nurturing babies. After meeting the needs of your child, our teachers spend the rest of their time holding, playing with, talking to, and singing with the children as well as exposing them to social interaction with other infants.

    Just Like Home provides infant formula, infant cereal, and jar food for infants in our care included in our rates though you may choose to bring your own.

  • Toddler Program (1 ½-2 Years)

    Our toddler program consists of children that are fully walking, eat table food, drink from sippy cups/cups and are ready for a more structured schedule. We strive to provide a caring environment full of fun and interesting activities for our toddlers. Children should have the opportunity to make choices about what they will work with and how they will accomplish goals. Developmentally appropriate learning centers, music, paint, and other art materials are readily available so they can be creative and explore at their own pace. Other activities focus on vocabulary building. This is done in a variety of ways including stories, puppets, conversation, flash cards, bilingual words, and songs. We will spend time helping your child to learn about themselves. We will work on social skills like sharing, listening, taking turns, and keeping hands to themselves. And finally, when your child is ready, we will work on self-help skills such as dressing, potty training, and self-feeding skills.

  • Preschool Program (3-5 Years)

    Our teachers are experienced, caring individuals who work with children because they believe in the importance of the first five years of a child’s life.  This program is based on the developmental, hands-on approach to learning.  Preschool children spend their time learning about themselves, their skills and abilities, and the world around them and their relationship to it.  There is time for creative exploration, structured learning centers, safety awareness, and concentration on social skills: manners, sharing, taking turns, self-control, mutual respect, and caring about each other.  We encourage the children to learn the skills they will need to become socially and academically ready for a smooth transition to kindergarten like the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, sorting, sequencing, patterns, name recognition, phonics, comprehension and writing skills.  We also work on self-help skills such as hygiene, nutrition, health and learning to be responsible and take pride in who they are as they continue to build confidence and independence.

  • School Age Program (6-12 Years)

    Our school age children come to us after a long day at school. We encourage these children to take pride in their growing maturity and skills. Our teachers will assist children with homework after which they can read, create art, or just relax and play.

    • Respected Establishment

      Family-owned and operated since 1989.

    • Trusted Employees

      We only hire full time professional teachers with a passion for child development.

    • Convenient Locations

      Three amazing facilities: Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale that offer part-time and full-time care.

    • Interactive Activities

      Each day is scheduled with fun and stimulating lessons, games and creative time.

    • Parent Participation

      We believe in an open door policy for parents, feel free to join for lessons, lunch or volunteer any time.

    • Summer Activities

      Mesa offers additional age-appropriate field trips off-site for children with parent’s written consent.

    • Transportation

      Mesa offers local transportation to and from school or home.