• Hours Of Operation / Holidays / Vacations

    Phoenix Location:

    We are open Monday-Friday from 6:00am to 6:30pm.

    Mesa Location:

    We are open Monday-Friday from 5:00am to 6:30pm.


    We are closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the day after), and Christmas Day (and the day after). 

    Additionally, we will close early at 4:30pm on Halloween, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

  • Safety

    For the safety of your child, a parent or authorized party MUST sign each child in or out each day using the same signature used on your driver’s license and an exact time of day. Children will only be released to those persons specifically authorized on the Emergency Card with a valid ID. Please note: It is assumed that both parents listed on the emergency card have the right to pick up a child unless it is otherwise noted. If only one parent has legal custody of a child, we must have legal documentation, on file, to withhold a child.

    Attendence, Withdrawal Absence and Refunds

    Just Like Home Too offers a 5 day full time rate, a daily rate, a half day rate of 6 hours or less. You will be required to pay in advance for the current week. Payments are due each Monday morning for the current week.

  • Enrollment Forms and Registration

    Enrollment forms must be completed entirely before you leave your child for the first time. Enrollment forms consist of the Emergency, Information and Immunization Record Card, the Meal Benefit Income Eligibility Form, Shot records, signed parent agreement form and the Infant information packet (if necessary). Please have all documents filled out prior to registration. Registration is quick and easy and only takes 10 minutes to process forms and sign in your child.

    Discounts and Tax Information

    We offer a multi-child discount of 10% off of the daily rate. City employees and Military personnel are offered a 15% discount off of the daily rate. Please keep all receipts of payment for income tax purposes. We will not maintain a running balance of money paid.

  • DES / Scholarships / Financial Hardship

    If you qualify for D.E.S financial assistance or would like information or help with your application, please ask. At different times during the year, we are able to offer scholarships. If you would like information on qualifications, please inquire at the front office. If you are experiencing financial hardship and need some help, please consult privately with the Director. There are a variety of programs we can direct you to.

    Inspection Records and Insurance

    Just Like Home Too is licensed and regulated by the State of Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS). All inspection reports are available and can be viewed upon request. DHS is located at 150 N 18th Ave, 4th Floor, Suite 400 in Phoenix, AZ, 85007 and can be reached at 602-364-2539. We maintain insurance as required by DHS. 

  • Parent Involvement and Donations

    Parents are always welcome here at Just Like Home Too. In fact, we have an open door policy. This means that we encourage you to feel free to visit at any time. Parents who want to volunteer, hang out, or eat lunch with their child are always welcome. We are proud of our curriculum and staff. Please feel free to share ideas, birthdays, and talents with your child’s class or ask questions about your child’s progress. We welcome used, clean clothing, books or toys.

    Pest Control

    We will post notification 48 hours in advance of intent to spray for pest control. This will be posted in the lobby.

  • Illness / Injury / Medication
    • We will not accept children with fever, diarrhea or other contagious illness. During the day, if your child vomits or has diarrhea 2x or more, has a fever of 100F and above, you will be asked to pick up your child. Your child must be symptom free in order to return. -We will not accept children with a chronic (unexplained cough), swollen red eyes (pink eye); runny nose with green or yellow discharge, head lice or any other contagious childhood illness. If a parent cannot be reached, your emergency contacts will be called. Please let us know if your child is found to be contagious so that we may alert other parents.
    • Minor injuries (scratches, bumps, cuts) will be treated by a staff member certified in CPR. An ‘ouch’ report will be completed and placed in the sign in book. If a serious injury or illness should occur, you will be notified immediately and emergency services will be called. Parents/guardians will be responsible for all costs incurred.
    • -We will administer physician prescribed medications. All medications must be left in the front office and an authorization form must be filled out completely. Medication must be in its original packaging and dose/label instructions will be adhered to. Non-prescription/over-the-counter medication cannot be given unless there is a signed note by the doctor indicating the medication and dosage amount. Medication cannot be shared or expired. All unused medication will be returned.
    • Please do not leave ANY medication/ointments/holistic items in the child’s diaper bag or cubby. If your child no longer attends, all medication will be disposed of after 5 business days.
  • Special Needs and Development

    Just Like Home Too accepts children with hearing impairments, language, learning or developmental delays and other minor disabilities which do not require special facilities, training or treatment. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and we do not discriminate against any person regardless of race, color, creed or nationality. We have access to many programs, coaches and speech, occupational, physical and mental health therapists. If you feel like your child is falling behind developmentally, please inquire. We can arrange for your child to be evaluated by a specially trained therapist.

    Separation Anxiety

    Your child may be apprehensive about staying with an unfamiliar face…that’s NORMAL! Please help them by speaking positive about all the fun they will have at school. Let them know when you will return to pick them up, and follow through on your word. Give your child a hug and kiss and QUICKLY LEAVE. Your child will be less inclined to cry each day when you make the drop off process quick and less drawn out. Most importantly, the fastest way for your child to adjust to all these new faces and environment is for you to make sure their attendance is consistent.

  • Discipline Policy

    Should discipline become necessary, we prefer to use positive redirection. This is a process by which the child is removed from the situation/activity where they are having problems and placed in another area where they are encouraged to resume normal behavior. If this is unsuccessful the child will be given a ‘time-out.’ Time-out is a predetermined area away from the group for a short period of time. A child in time out will still be able to see the group. If the child continues to be disruptive they may need to be isolated from the group. The child will be taken to the Director until ready to join the class. Continued misbehavior may require a note home or a conference with a parent. Children who are unmanageable will be sent home. If we determine we are unable to provide services to meet the needs of your child or the quality of care for other children is in jeopardy, you may be asked to withdraw your child.

    Transitioning Into Other Rooms

    When a child is ready to move to another classroom either developmentally or due to a birthday, they will start the transition process anywhere from 4 weeks to a week prior. The process usually begins with daily short visits to the other classrooms, then ½ days, and eventually full days.

    Clothing, Shoes and Diapers

    Children should come clean and FULLY dressed for active play. They will be involved in messy activities during the day such as water and sand play, play dough, painting and science activities. Please make sure they are dressed appropriately. ALL CHILDREN MUST HAVE A CHANGE OF CLOTHES in case of an accident. Please put their name on all belongings. Just Like Home Too cannot be responsible for lost, stained, soiled, damaged, or stolen clothing. State regulations require children to wear shoes. Please make sure your child comes in a clean, unsoiled diaper and has enough diapers to last the whole day (usually 6). If we have to provide diapers or a change of clothing, you will be charged $2.00 per item.



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